STRATOS Executive Search & Leadership, is a Boutique Consulting Firm with great experienced searches for senior executives, corporate governance consulting, and development of leadership on management teams. We are Global company. We work in international search for Chilean companies as well as on the search in Latin American for European, American and Asian companies.


Our commitment is to find on the market the best executive for the position required, so our clients will have all the options to decide a new hire, We have the most modern and sophisticated system and technology to search and evaluate executive, developed by our international partners en the U.S. and Europe. We offer a personalized and flexible service that provides solutions tailored to each requirement. We look at the market in full, carrying out in-depth studies on each search. We don´t put us any territorial limits.

Stratos is a member of international associations, we work in more than 28 countries, and 80% of our clients are international companies. We are expert on search and talent evaluation.




We direct searches and assessment of executives; Members of boards, CEO, Directors,  C-Levels and Managers in a wide range of business sectors.




We are specialized in board structures, in search, coaching and assessment of directors, supporting every process from the installation of the corporate government to the performance of each director and the board. Our partners is member Certified of Institute of Director London.




We develop the leadership of the management teams in order to face the major challenges and direct the necessary changes to adapt the company to the reality of every market. Stratos are partner for Latam for Everything DiSC from Wiley.



Guarantee, Quality and Excellence


We assure quality, speed, flexibility, teamwork and long-term relation:


  • Stratos offers a guaranty of quality when the hired candidate was withdrawn for reasons of low performance
  • Expertise and understanding in multicultural relations, and in different styles of management.
  • We realize a follow-up to the client and the candidate throughout one year, to ensure a satisfactory relation of works.
  • We assure Offlimits for our clients.
  • Stratos Assures 100% of confidentiality.